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        3. Latest posts on TPSNews

          TPSRecruiting -   (11 hours ago)

          TPSOperations - COLLISION: The Queensway + High St -Near Humber Loop -Car struck a pole -Significant impact -Man trapped inside -Unconscious -Gas leaking from vehicle -Fire/EMS trying to get him out -Expect road closures #GO170347 ^dh   (11 hours ago)

          TPS22Div - 2019 Crime Stoppers Month Launch Toronto Crime Stoppers 35 years Serving... https://youtu.be/2uPW4EewX0A via YouTube   (13 hours ago)

          TPSOperations - COLLISION: Weston Rd, N of Albion Rd, 2 cars involved. Minor injuries reported. Best to avoid the area if possible as it will be very congested. #GO168881 ^rr   (18 hours ago)

          TPS14Div - Shooting investigation, Queen Street West and Ossington Avenue area, Man wanted ^gr   (18 hours ago)

          TPSOperations - STABBING: Yonge/Sheppard Av W, male victim stabbed in the leg, suspect last seen W/B Sheppard. Minor injuries to victim, @TorontoMedics there with us to help out. No description of suspect available #GO168537 ^rr   (19 hours ago)


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